Wednesday, December 9, 2015

2016 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure

 The 2016 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure takes place May 6-8, 2016, in Farmington, Pennsylvania at Benner's Meadow Run campground. The weekend will include workshops, speakers, day and night hikes in known hot spots for Bigfoot activity, a group cookout and campfire, and more. The event is being put on by well known Pennsylvania researcher and investigator Eric Altman.

Speakers for the event include well known long time researcher and investigator Stan Gordon, Dr. Brian D. Parsons author, anomalous researcher and investigator and host of the Paranormal News Insider, and just announced Steve Kulls host of Squatchdetective Radio and long time Bigfoot investigator will also be a speaker. Workshops will be conducted on a variety of topics and will include information from Tom Ferrence, Dwayne Pintoff, "Ranger" Tim Cassidy, and Eric Altman.

For more information on how you can secure your spot at the campground (or find a local motel/hotel), get a ticket for the event, as well as more information please visit the home of the event: 2016 Pennsylvania Bigfoot Camping Adventure or visit the official Facebook site for updates.

2013 Public Bigfoot Expedition
"I am honored to be a part of this event. I took part in a similar event like this, without speakers or workshops, with Eric Altman in 2013 and it was a blast. Not only for me being a researcher and investigator, but being an outdoorsman, hiker, and being surrounded by like-minded people.While I had a blast at that event this one promises to be even better and it will be the chance of a lifetime to meet some of these people and learn from them. I am beyond honored to be speaking next to Stan Gordon and Steve Kulls and I am even more excited to learn more from them. I finally met Stan at the Butler Paranormal Conference in early 2015 after following his work for years and got to talk for quite a while with him. He's a class act and will certainly have plenty of stories to tell. Steve Kulls is a guy I have yet to meet, but I have a lot of respect for especially the way he does not quit until he finds the truth. This is going to be something you don't want to miss if you have an interest in Bigfoot."

- Dr. Brian D. Parsons, speaker at the event, your host of the Paranormal News Insider, and author of "Handbook for the Amateur Cryptozoologist"
During the event  there will also be a Charity Fundraiser Auction at the event to raise money and awareness for two local charities.   The first is Unity A Journey of Hope. Unity is a certified 501C3 non profit organization founded by John and Bobbi Robinson.  Unity grants wishes to adults with life limiting illnesses. The other is Fayette Friends of Animals Animal Shelter in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

From the host of the event, Eric Altman:
 We will be raising funds and dividing them between the two organizations.  I have invited representatives of both organizations to attend the event and have a table to display organizational and promotional items during Saturdays event.    I am reaching out to my friends, colleagues, associates, researchers and enthusiasts to ask for your help. What I am seeking is donations of items relating to Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Paranormal, and UFOlogy to auction off raising funds for the charities.  These donations may be in the form of autographed books, DVD documentary films, movies, artwork, T-shirts, collectibles or similar items. Proceeds from the funds raised at the auction will be donated between the two charities. 
If you know of someone who would like to participate by donating, or you yourself would like to donate, here is how to do it:   
Please send your donated item to care of Eric Altman 181 Cardinal Drive, Jeannette Pennsylvania 15644 before May 1, 2016. Anyone donating will be listed on the sponsors/donors page on the website. If you donate an item to the auction, please send me your contact information, any logo/banner or website links so that I may list you as a sponsor.  

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