Monday, August 24, 2015

Paranormal News Insider growing to one hour

The Paranormal News Insider has been on hiatus since July 11, 2015, when a mid-season review was made. At the time a question was lingering about the return of the host show, Darkest Hours Late Night, which had been on hiatus since May when it departed from WQTT AM in Marysville, Ohio. The show was slated to return on July 11, but did not. It was then that I revisited my thoughts on going out on my own with the show to see if I could successfully take the show from a prerecorded ten minute segment to a full one hour standalone program.

After some deep thinking and a few personal issues I have decided to pursue the dream of taking the Paranormal News Insider into second gear after seven years and 230 episodes. I have opted to join forces with CJMARS radio network which operates WCJV digital broadcasting based in Youngstown, New York. One big reason is that it is a successful network with a nice variety of programming, yet it allows the show to blossom on their own. I have heard a few horror stories of networks demanding things from their programs from reading sponsors to the content of their shows, for me that would not be worth the time. I have also been a guest on one of the networks shows "Paranormalities and Ponderings" with host Frank Lee. Frank's style reminded me a lot of how Daniel Bautz, host of the Grand Dark Conspiracy and later renamed Darkest Hours Late Night operated his show. I have also had the pleasure of talking with one of the owners of the network on a couple of occasions and I felt this would be a great fit.

How will the show change? Well, I will have an extra 50 minutes for starters. I plan on expanding the stories a little bit and hopefully having more than four or five stories a week. With that in mind I still want to concentrate on the stories that truly matter, not just to fill time. Of course, there will be a lot of education behind the stories which is the reason for the "insider" aspect of the show and the extra time will allow to bring on a guest that has something to do with the stories. I will also expand the conferences and conventions aspect and will seek out guests from some of these events or the owners to come on and speak about them. I have received a lot of input about the conferences and conventions so this will definitely be an aspect I expand on and continue to track on my list of events.

The show will be from 7-8 PM eastern every Tuesday night. Listeners will be able to communicate directly in chat while listening to the show at the CJMARS radio home.