Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Meteor impact in Michigan? End of the world??

NASA, the National Weather Service, and other officials recently confirmed that a meteor was seen (and filmed) over Michigan on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at about 8:08 PM. NASA stated the meteoroid was probably only a yard or two in diameter, but created a very bright flash in the sky that qualifies it pretty much as a bolide or fireball. The event also created loud rumbling and even seismic activity measured as a 2.0 magnitude earthquake. Initially, many thought this was caused by thunder or explosion. It took a little while for the dust to settle and for the meteor sighting to be researched and confirmed.

Seeing such a bright meteor event in the sky is fairly rare and the fact that this was seen from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana made this a trending article on social media as well as the mainstream media. The initial reaction to the story was a little bit of panic that is typical when something unusual happens.

However, it didn't take long for someone to throw a wrench into what was already a scary story to make it confusing and potentially scarier. The Daily Star, based in the United Kingdom, published their story on Wednesday with the headline, "Alien invasion? UFO seen hurtling through sky and EXPLODING in shock footage".

Photographs began circulating online of what appeared to be a large fire caused by the meteorite impact in the center of a city. The city was said to be Taylor, Michigan, and the photographs began to spark fear and confusion as well as speculation of an attack, explosion, alien invasion, or that this meteorite impacted the ground and caused this scene.

In the trio of photographs shared about this story state that these are light pillars, which from what I see is pretty accurate. However, it seems that many took these photographs as a link to the meteor story and put them together with a dose of panic, a heaping of speculation, and a dash of misunderstanding.

The reality is these photographs in Taylor, Michigan, are of a garage fire that occurred around 8:25 PM local time. The photographs were quickly spread via social media, probably not with the intention of misleading people but it happened anyway. Again, many people took this as a correlation with the meteor, but officials reacted to the flying rumors with an article Tuesday night as well as a post on Wednesday afternoon.

The post simply stated, "Social media was ablaze within minutes of a photo being shared from down the street of the fire. People assumed that due to the timelime the meteor, or at least a piece of it was responsible for the fire.Fire Department officials confirmed there was no truth to that rumor. The leaking fuel and oil was the cause of the blaze."

The speculation into the photographs will surely continue to get ridiculous, oh, wait, never mind it's already happening. It seems some are telling others this was a missile attack covered up by a meteor sighting.

Clever, but just a way to create panic out of something simple to explain. This particular post has been shared 50,000 times versus the one of the garage fire that was shared less than 35,000 times when I collected the screen shots. I guess "if it bleeds it leads" is a true sentiment whether it's the news or social media. I'm sure there are other examples of this type of ignorance but hopefully enough people know the truth and will not succumb to the spamming of "fake news" such as this (and yes "ppl" should be blocked for posting things like this).

What started as an interesting story about a particularly nice sized meteor sighting has morphed into an embarrassing example of ignorance and it's lust for social media for survival.


  1. I, for one, was totally confused by the trio of pictures depicting the garage fire. The bolt of light did not make sense nor did the timeline.Thanks for getting the truth out there. This could have caused a major panic.

  2. This is a sign of the End Times . . . people need to wake up and know that Jesus is about to remove His faithful from this planet and heaven-help those who are left behind!

    1. I certainly hope your right! Edgar Casey predicted Jesus would return in 2018!

    2. I never heard that.Are you just repeating what someone esle said?How do you know Cayce said that?

  3. This is just a sign that people are gullible and believe a lot of what they read, especially if it fits their particular belief system. There is no reason to read heavily into a random sighting of a meteor that happens hundreds of times a day all over Earth.