Monday, November 30, 2015

#UFOSA #BUSTED Cape Town Green UFO Hoax

Finishing up the Paranormal News Insider report for December 1, 2015, I was concluding some research on the Cape Town UFO that was sending Twitter into a tizzy. I looked at each of the four purported photographs of the green UFO that was seen in the skies on Saturday night November 28, 2015 and felt something was off. Looking closely at each photograph I noticed the UFO was almost exactly identical only varied in size and angle.

I began to research each supposed site where the UFOs were seen and figured out one was taken at the Long Street Cafe in Cape Town, South Africa. Using my first search operation, I found stock footage that matched exactly that of the supposed green UFO. While this does not necessarily spell the end of the Cape Town UFO saga it certainly puts a major damper on the other photographs taken in the area since the green UFO is pretty much the same thing.

The big question about this UFO sighting is why? Why did this story become so viral so fast? Was this a legitimate UFO sighting seen by thousands and only photographed by four people? Of the four purported photographs, one photograph was taken at the Moses Mahbida Stadium which is in Durban, South Africa, which is about 900 miles as the UFO flies. Was this part of a viral story that people were just submitting photographs just to fit in? More than likely. While many speculate that this is a wormhole, alien visitation, the lights may have had a terrestrial ignition which set the Twitterverse on fire.

News 24 in Cape Town reports:

"The South African Astronomical Observatory told its understanding was the lights were part of a test for light show equipment at the Cape Town Stadium, based on information it heard mentioned on radio in the morning."


So, the UFO may have started out as something real and tangible, but once it got in the hands of social media it began to morph into the viral monster people are now giving wings to fly further on. For me, I consider this case closed.

Update, December 1, 6 PM:

The story didn't end there, in fact, new video surfaced of a green streaking UFO crashing in the city. Moments later a crash site was shown complete with a UFO! Did this continue the panic? No, people were now seeing through all of of this and News 24 has now revealed that the culprit was merely a drink company called Smart Drink that was behind the entire viral campaign. Now it's cased closed!

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